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K - 12 Academic and Reading Programs



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Home of specialized, award winning K-12 Academic and Enrichment Programs delivered by State Certified Educators

Teacher Direct  provides individually tailored, standards based K-12 Learning and Enrichment Programs in all academic disciplines as well as State and standardized test prep. At Teacher Direct, our tutors believe that all students have the ability to achieve academic success when instruction is designed around each student’s individual needs and delivered by quality educators.

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Located in the Forks Township Community Center.

500 Zucksville Rd. Easton.

IEP’s & 504’s

Our certified Special Educators will work with students with Special Education needs ranging from mild to severe learning disabilities.

Homeschool Link

Our Homeschool Link program was created with Home & Cyber Schooled students in mind. Our State Certified teachers and Special educators will supplement your homeschooling instruction with lessons tailored to all different learning styles in small class sizes.


Our reading program begins with a detailed diagnostic assessment to help pinpoint and target the area(s) requiring remediation.

K-12 Academic Programs

We offer a variety of individually tailored, grade & Subject specific programs delivered by State certified Educators.

Test Prep

We create a Test-Prep. curriculum with goals tailored to each individual student based on their strengths, weaknesses and test date.

Summer Academic Program

Studies have shown that when students are given learning opportunities during summer months, their academic outcomes show improvement.

Our Bridge The Gap Summer program focuses on reinforcement of the concepts and skills  and preparation for the upcoming school year.

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